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PhD Scholarship in Globalisation, Int’l Economics, Aarhus Univ, Denmark

PhD scholarship in Globalisation and International Economics - Scholarship no.: 544-0136

At the Department of Economics at Aarhus School of Business, Aarhus University, a PhD scholarship will be available from December 1, 2009 or as soon as possible thereafter.

The PhD scholarship is linked to a multidisciplinary research project entitled “Made in Denmark anno 2050 – The role of firms in globalisation”, concerning the export success factors of Danish companies. The scholarship is in economics, but part of a larger multidisciplinary research project carried out in collaboration between the GlobID research group at the Department of Economics and the Centre for Design of Global Enterprise (DoGE) at the Department of Management. It is funded by the Tuborg Foundation and the Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation.

The PhD student will be placed at the GlobID research group at the Department of Economics at Aarhus School of Business, Aarhus University, and is expected to partake in large-scale data analysis, econometric investigations as well as in writing of academic articles and communication of research results. Further information on the PhD scholarship can be obtained from professor Philipp Schröder, Department of Economics, phone: +45 89 486 392, e-mail: psc@asb.dk.

PhD students in Denmark work under very favourable terms: They are employed on a full-time basis for three years, and the salary is enough to cover all necessary accommodation and living costs and to lead an active life. A PhD student does not pay university fees.

PhD students at Aarhus School of Business, Aarhus University (ASB), work under almost the same terms as other research staff, i.e. they have their own office space with a computer, incl. Internet access, email, phone etc., as well as access to secretarial assistance etc. Moreover, expenses in connection with the scientific work are covered, e.g. participation in research courses and academic conferences in Denmark and abroad.

There are also good and well-paid job opportunities in Denmark for people with a PhD degree, both within and outside the university sector.

A PhD student in Denmark must complete an individually planned PhD course programme within the relevant research area and conduct a research project under the supervision of experienced senior researchers. As part of the PhD scholarship the PhD student will be enrolled in the PhD programme comprising a number of courses within the relevant research area.

The PhD student is also expected, as part of the programme, to spend some time (up to six months), with coverage of travel and accommodation expenses, at another – often foreign – research institution. During the programme, the PhD student is further expected to gain teaching experience within the subject area as well as experience with other forms of dissemination of research results. ASB also finances participation in relevant PhD courses and scientific conferences. In addition, it is expected that PhD students participate in and contribute to the other activities of the department.

Conditions of employment
The PhD scholarship has duration of three years. Graduates and students expecting to complete their study programme in the near future may apply for the scholarship. The employment is covered by a national collective agreement.

The applicant’s research potential will be the determining factor for a positive academic assessment. Exam results will also be assessed. For further information on admission criteria and ASB’s PhD programme, please go to: http://www.asb.dk/research/phd.aspx.

If you have any questions about the scholarship etc., please feel free to contact Henrik Scriver, deputy head, tel. +45 8948 6560, e-mail: hsc@asb.dk.

The application must be submitted on a special application form which can be downloaded here or requested from Pia Schytz, tel. +45 8948 6989 e-mail: PhD@asb.dk.

The following material must be submitted:

* Application form (scholarship no. 544-0136)
* Project description (max. 5 pages), including the expected theoretical and methodological approach.
* Graduate diploma (including a list of all grades)
* CV
* Other material, if any (e.g. publications), which should be taken into account in the assessment

The application and attachments must be submitted in sets (without binding) in five copies by ordinary mail to Aarhus School of Business, Aarhus University, Management Office, Fuglesangs Allé 4, 8210 Aarhus V, Denmark, Attn.: Pia Schytz, or via e-mail to PhD@asb.dk.

Deadline for application
Friday, October 30, 2009 at 12:00 noon.

The applications will subsequently be assessed by an expert assessment committee, and applicants will receive the committee’s assessment of the individual application and the response to the application from ASB approx. one month after the expiry of the deadline for application.

The assessment of the application comprises an overall assessment of the applicant and his or her qualifications. Particular weight is attached to the project proposal, the grades obtained by the applicant in the study programme, and to whether the applicant, during the study programme or in another manner, has displayed special skills in writing major papers, e.g. a thesis.

Further information about Aarhus School of Business, Aarhus University, can be found at: www.asb.dk
Aarhus University: www.au.dk

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PhD Scholarships at IMT Lucca, Italy

Doctoral Programs

Competitions for admission are open in the following Ph.D. Programs at IMT:

Computer Science and Engineering

The doctoral program aims at preparing researchers and professionals with a wide knowledge about the foundations of informatics and about its applications to a variety of systems and disciplines, focusing on aspects of particular importance in the present context. The new version of informatics is changing the perspective of other disciplines and several aspects of common life, and is the target of very active research in the international scene.

Economics, Markets, Institutions

The program aims at dealing with issues in political economy, applied public economics, the functioning of industries and markets, the impact of macroeconomics on productivity and growth. A distinctive feature of the Ph.D. program is the integration of theoretical, technical, and practical expertise, aimed to educate highly qualified professionals, who analyze, plan, and manage concrete interventions of political economy. Theoretical methodologies and models are generated and tested, through the systematic investigation of the real world, with a distinctive focus on concrete observation of markets and their actors. At the end of the program, students are able to identify commonalities as well as distinctive characters of economies, markets, and industries.

Management and Development of Cultural Heritage
Ph.D. in cooperation with Politecnico di Torino

The program trains both researchers and professionals, able to operate at the highest levels of management of Cultural Heritage and Landscape, in both public and private institutions. The program integrates concepts and methods from several domains (humanities, economics, law, information technologies, material sciences) in the analysis of cultural heritage and landscape. The program provides a consistent multidisciplinary path where students are provided with competencies which nowadays cannot be obtained but through particular self-training initiatives. The job market today has to rely on various professional figures - thus incurring conflicts and standstills in the decision-making process - or is forced to choose only one competence among all the needed ones. A distinctive feature of the program is the involvement of Ph.D. students in projects, both on local and international scale, so as to make them familiar with the complex management of cultural heritage and landscape.

Political Systems and Institutional Change

The Ph.D. in Political Systems and Institutional Change is a multidisciplinary course analysing, in a comparative perspective, institutions in their historical, political, sociological, economic and legal features. Special attention will be devoted to processes of institutional change. The Ph.D. aims at forming political analysts able to: plan and manage collaborative and integrated processes at the international level; analyse and assess policies and institutional settings at a supranational, national and regional level; confront the specific problems of countries in transition towards democracy and a market economy.
Duration: 3 years

Language: Courses and seminars are held in English. Foreign Ph.D. students are required to attend an Italian Language and Culture Course.

Classes begin in March 2010.


The deadline for applications is December 4, 2009 at 18:00 (Italian time).


Application Online:

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