Tuesday, April 21, 2009

98 Scholarships for Non- Degree Training in Australia.

There are 98 awards (scholarships) available for undergraduates who have got work experience and those who did not complete undergraduate study with longer work experience to pursue a professional development training in Australia. If you are selected, you have to stay in Australia for 1 to 4 months with the total fund of $UASD 20.000,00.

The Endeavour Executive Awards provide professional development opportunities (e.g. intensive management training, peer-to-peer learning, short-term training, leadership and/or executive management training) for high achievers in business, industry, education or government from participating countries. The Awards focus on building skills and knowledge through a host work environment rather than through formal enrolment in a study program at a host institution and are not intended to fund direct academic research.

Applicants must be nominated by either their home organisation or host organisation. The professional development activity must not have a commercial outcome as its purpose. Host organisations for international Executive Award applicants cannot include Australian branches of the applicant's home organisation.

A home or host organisation may nominate up to 5 applicants.
The Endeavour Executive Awards aim to:
• enable high achieving professionals to further develop their skills and knowledge
• deepen professional engagements between Australia and participating countries
• strengthen mutual understanding between the people of Australia and Award Holders’ home countries
• build linkages and networks between Australia and participating countries
• allow professionals the opportunity, on returning home, to share their updated skills and knowledge with colleagues.

Funding Amount
Travel Allowance $AUD5,000
Establishment Allowance $AUD5,000
Monthly Stipend (up to 4 months on a pro-rata basis) $AUD2,500
per month
Total Award Value Up to $AUD20,000

Travel and health insurance will be provided.
Funds are not available to support accompanying dependants or for return visits home.
In addition to the financial benefits the Endeavour Executive Awards also include:
• A dedicated support network for the duration of the Award.
• Membership of the Alumni network.

Up to 98 Awards will be offered to applicants from participating countries for 2009.

To be eligible for an Endeavour Executive Award, applicants must:
• be citizens or permanent residents of a participating country and reside in a country other than Australia. Those holding dual Australian citizenship or permanent residency status in Australia are ineligible to apply.

• have a completed undergraduate degree and at least 5 years professional work experience or applicants not holding a completed undergraduate degree will need to demonstrate at least 10 years relevant work experience

• demonstrate English language proficiency

• be nominated by either their home organisation or the host organisation

• have confirmation of acceptance or affiliation with the host organisation

• spend a minimum of 1 month and a maximum of 4 months at their host organisation. The professional development activity must be taken in one block, it cannot be broken into two or more visits to the host country

• Award Holders must commence their approved program and Award during 2009. Applicants who have commenced or intend to commence their program at their host organisation in 2008 are ineligible for an Award.

Applicants will be assessed against the following selection criteria:
• high-level academic achievement and at least 5 years relevant work experience or applicants not holding a completed undergraduate degree will need to demonstrate at least 10 years relevant work experience

• a proposal that is relevant to the applicant’s needs and interests and those of the applicant's home country

• the applicant’s potential to participate at a high level in their profession or the wider community on their return home from Australia

• the potential for ongoing links between the host and home organisations.
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