Tuesday, April 14, 2009

VESKI Innovation Fellowships (Non-Australian)

VESKI offers VESKI Innovation Fellowships (Non-Australian) to outstanding individuals who are not Australian citizens, but who may wish to undertake research in Victoria. They must demonstrate that they will bring outstanding skills and specialised expertise to the Victorian community.

Successful individuals can receive up to AUD$50,000 per annum for a maximum of five years. These funds must be matched with financial funding and in-kind contributions from a host organisation such as an academic/research institution or company.

Evaluation and Application requirements
The VESKI Innovation Fellowships (Non Australian) are open to individuals who meet the following criteria in fields of science, technology and design specifically relating to innovative technology, biotechnology, design, advanced manufacturing, environmental technologies, or the enabling sciences and technologies.
In addition to the above named fields; the 2009/10 Call for Applications encourages submissions in the areas of:

Clinical Research focusing on Health Outcomes; &
Renewable Energy Generation & Demand Management.

Eligibility criteria for VESKI Victorian Innovation Fellowship (Non Australian):
1.1 Have worked overseas for the past 12 months;
1.2 Matched funding organised (or able to organise) from a host organization;
1.3 Outstanding achievement and capabilities in the fields of science, technology or design; and
1.4 The Fellowship must be taken up within one year of the award.

Assessment Criteria and Selection
Applications will be screened for eligibility at the time of application. All eligible applications for the VESKI Fellowships will be considered by the Selection Panel.
The Selection Panel will be drawn from the VESKI Board or Sub-Committee of the Board which includes leading members of Victoria’s science, technology and design sectors. The Selection Panel may also seek assistance from appropriate specialists in the field of the application.

The Selection Panel will assess applications against the following key criteria:
• Outstanding achievement in their field;
• International recognition and standing in their peer group;
• Potential to contribute to fostering an innovative culture in Victoria;
• Potential development of an industry sector;
• Potential for public benefit; and
• Capacity to disseminate the skills and knowledge throughout Victoria.

These criteria could be met, for example, by:
• Demonstrating linkages to Victoria’s knowledge base or technological strengths;
• Plans for commercialization of the planned research.
The Selection Panel makes recommendation for the VESKI Innovation Fellowship (Non Australian) to the VESKI Board for final approval. All recommendations and decisions by the Selection Panel and VESKI Board are final and challenges will not be considered.
VESKI reserves the right not to make awards in any year.

Successful applicants should note that in the event of an award of a VESKI Fellowship, a description of their research project will be publicised.

Obligations of Winners
VESKI’s aim to build Victoria’s intellectual capital in science, knowledge and innovation is achieved through shared knowledge and experience.

As a VESKI Innovation Fellowship recipient, you will be called upon to support achieving this objective. It is expected that the VESKI Fellow will take advantage of any opportunities that may present through their public role or through the media to acknowledge VESKI's support and role in the Victorian community.

Fellowship Process
Applications are NOW OPEN for the VESKI Innovation Fellowships (Non-Australian) for 2009/10.
Download a VESKI VIF non Aus 2009/10 Application Guide & VESKI VIF non Aus 2009/10 Application Form here.

Applications should fully address requirements (1 – 13) in the Application Form. The Selection Panel will only consider information provided in the application and supporting documentation.
For advice or further information regarding applications, please contact Ms Julia Page, CEO, on telephone +61 3 9635 5700 or by email julia.page@veski.org.au.

Closing Date
Submission for the 2009/10 VESKI Innovation Fellowships (Non-Australian) must be lodged by 5.00pm on 22 May 2009.

It is anticipated that applicants will be notified of the status of their application no later than 15 September 2009.

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