Thursday, May 6, 2010

PhD researcher for the project

"Analysis of the behavior of extremes under non-stationary climate conditions"
The PhD researcher is going to work at the Department Climate and Seismology, within the Climate for Knowledge Research Program. The research is a joint project of the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI) and EURANDOM.
General information

KNMI is the Dutch national centre for data and knowledge on weather, climate and seismology. KNMI performs scientific research at a recognized high international level. One of the central themes is climate change. KNMI constructs climate scenarios of future climate which are used by society to adapt to possible climate changes. KNMI uses observations, complex numerical climate models and scientific knowledge for that purpose EURANDOM is the European Research Institute for the study of random phenomena. Research at EURANDOM covers stochastics and its applications, as well as its interfaces with other disciplines. Stochastics consists of statistics, probability theory, and stochastic operations research. The core business of EURANDOM is fundamental research in an international environment, carried out by a non-tenured staff of junior researchers and senior advisors supplemented with an extensive programme of seminars, workshops, and visitors.

Job description
Many applications demand knowledge of extreme values in climate. Most infrastructure is (still) designed assuming that our climate is stationary. However, series of measurements show that our climate has changed during the past decades and climate models show that these changes will continue in the future, among others due to human influence on climate. The main question in the research project will be: "How can we optimally account for climate change when the probability of extreme events is to be determined"? This "probability of extremes" is an important parameter for the design of infrastructure. The PhD researcher will contribute to statistical modeling and analysis of extreme values in observations and in projections with regional climate models, with an emphasis on extremes in precipitation and temperature. We expect the candidate to make optimal use of the unique collaboration between KNMI and EURANDOM in order to link actual knowledge in the
area of climate and statistics and further develop it. For this reason the candidate will get two workplaces, one in De Bilt and one in Eindhoven


* having a Master degree in science or engineering
* broad knowledge of mathematical statistics, proved by graduation subject or relevant working experience
* experience with statistical packages like R or comparable programming languages
* thorough knowledge of the English language for technical and science purposes
* interest in climate and climate change
* entrepreneurial

first year max € 2.042 gross per month
second year max. € 2.379 gross per month
third year max. € 2.222,13 gross per month
fourth year max. € 2.571,64 gross per month.
Selection committee
dr. A.M.G. Klein Tank (KNMI) (chair)
prof. G. Jongbloed (EURANDOM, TU Delft)
dr. T.A. Buishand (KNMI)
prof. dr. J.H. van Zanten (EURANDOM, TU Eindhoven)

Special remarks
The appointment is for four years. The first two years of appointment are at EURANDOM, TU/e, the last two years at KNMI. During the complete period of appointment, the candidate will work at both places. Temporary staff at KNMI is typically appointed by the Foundation Scientific Research (SWO) KNMI.

Albert Klein Tank, tel. +31 30-2206872, e-mail: kleintan@knmi. nl, or
Geurt Jongbloed, tel. +31 15-2785111, e-mail g.jongbloed@
Candidates can send in their application until May 20, mentioning the
reference number KNMI 2010/14
at: Ministerie van Verkeer en Waterstaat
Werving en Selectie
Postbus 20906
2500 EX Den Haag
or by e-mail at: recruitment@
Dutch text on: http://www.knmi. nl/over_het_ knmi/vacatures/ vacature201014. pdf
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