Saturday, April 16, 2011

PhD position in Chemistry : 361 Cours de la Lib€ ¦ération, 33400 Talence, France

University of Bordeaux 1 - Institute of Molecular Sciences: job description
The Phoenics group, newly installed in the Institute of Molecular Sciences (ISM)
at the University of Bordeaux 1 has several doctoral and postdoctoral positions
available starting fall 2011.

Among the top university in France, the University of Bordeaux1 has one of the
largest campus in Europe located in the the town of Talence. On this campus, the
Institute of Molecular Sciences (ISM) brings together a community of organic
chemists and physical chemists (more than 130 researchers) interested in
molecular structures, and working on their creation, synthesis,
characterization, reactivity and analysis in various environments. This
multi-disciplinary skills favors the development of transversal research
projects : surfaces, interfaces and materials, nanoscience, green chemistry and
catalysis, bioactive and natural molecules, modeling.
Phoenics is a leading research group with an excellence chair from the
university. Research themes developped in the laboratory are based on molecular
design and innovation in chemical synthesis and technology:

- Multiphotonics, Biophotonics, Nanophotonics
- Fluorescence imaging, Nanodots
- Synthetic methods, organometallic catalysis
- Micro/milli reactors, Flow chemistry
- Chemical Biology, protein modification

SeveralPhD positions are open. High profile candidates must hold a master degree
in molecular chemistry at the beginning of the position.
A strong background in organic synthesis, a deep interest in working at the
interface between topics and fluency in either French or English are required.

Candidates must apply before June 1st, 2011 by sending resume, research summary
(3 pages max) and at least one reference by email :
phoenics.ism. bordeaux@

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