Saturday, June 6, 2009

SCHOLARSHIPS from Khazanah and XL

Education is the gateway to progress and create a superior community. Concern XL to education has been long and consistently expressed through various programs as a real effort to achieve the nation participated.

XL this time working with the Yayasan Khazanah, one shareholder XL, opening the opportunity for five students to be selected to continue education in the Multimedia University (MMU), a leading university in Malaysia, for 2 years.

This program is open to students who have completed the Diploma III program department / program of study with the IT & Telecom registration period from 30 May -30 June 2009.

Requirements that must be fulfilled by the participants is as follows:

1. Indonesian Citizen
2. Maximum age of 23 years before 1 October 2009
3. Has completed a Diploma or III will be completed in September 2009
4. GPA 3.25/4.00
5. Score of NEM SMU minimal 8.5/10
6. Actively participate in campus activities and organizations, social life and have good leadership
7. Physicaly and spiritualy Healthy

The selection process will be done through:

1. Test TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication) Test and the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language)
2. Psiko Test
3. Health tests
4. Interview with Top Management and the XL Foundation Khazanah

The selection process is intended to screen the best candidates to select five scholarship recipients.

Education scholarship in universities and the opportunity to work in XL awaits you.
Show your partisipatio, Reach for the golden opportunity and achievemen. Continue to achieve a bright future together with Yayasan Khazanah and XL!
How to register:

1. Click here to download the complete registration form
2. Fill out the registration form using Microsoft Word
3. When you have finished, save, and click here to upload your form fields, and fill the short data.

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