Sunday, June 28, 2009

20 Scholarships from Uni Emirates Arab University

The United Arab Emirates University announces the establishment of a new Ph.D. program for qualified Emiratis and a number of expatriate students. The program will begin Fall 2009 and it is anticipated that up to 20 students will be admitted this first year.

1. All Ph. D. students must be full time students.
2. All Ph.D. students will be supported by a scholarship that will include:
a. A monthly tax free stipend of 10,000 AED
b. University provided furnished housing
c. Health insurance for student, spouse and up to three children
d. Textbooks will be provided
e. Annual round trip air tickets to home country for student, spouse and up to three children(for expatriate students)
3. Tuition will be charged for the Ph.D. program on a credit hour basis and all admitted students will be eligible to receive sponsorships of tuition. Students admitted to the Ph.D. program who do not receive external sponsorships will be eligible for University sponsorship of tuition charges.
4. The expected duration of the Ph.D. program will be 3-4 years post Bachelor’s degree or 2-3 years post Master’s degree
5. The program will consist of at least one year’s graduate level course work, passing of a qualifying examination and successful completion of a dissertation.
6. The exact nature of a Ph.D. students’ program will be prepared by the host department and approved by the Board of Graduate Research Studies.
7. Fields available for study include all areas currently presented by the faculties and colleges at UAEU. Discipline field names will be used such as chemical engineering, physics, history, etc.

1. Minimum GPA Expectation:
a. If post Bachelor degree entry – 3.5 out of 4.0 for final 60 credit hours
b. If post Master’s degree entry – 3.5 out of 4.0 for Masters Course work.
2. Minimum TOEFL score – 575 expected
3. GRE scores will be considered; GMAT scores for Business will be considered. These scores are not required but will strengthen the application.
4. Two letters of recommendation are required
5. After receipt of the completed application form and supporting information as outlined in the next section, an application proposal will be prepared by host department and will require the approval of the department chair and college dean. This proposal will include a statement of personal goals from the candidate and a description of the proposal program of work.
6. The proposal will be considered by the Board of Graduate Research Studies and a recommendation made to the Provost who will make the final decision as to acceptance into the program.
7. Each of the following will be considered in reaching a decision whether or not to approve enrollment and the proposed course of study:
a. Candidates suitability, academic achievements and potential
b. Suitability and research record of supervisor and, if applicable, co-supervisor(s)
c. Suitability and research record of thesis advisory committee membership
d. Department facilities or their equivalent
e. Proposed coursework, including learning outcome goals
f. Proposed thesis topic or general area of research(exact topic may be approved later)
g. Eligibility and admission to the Ph.D. program are independent of the applicant’s tuition sponsorship.

1. Candidate must complete and submit the online application form that may be found at
2. Candidate must have official transcripts of all university work sent directly from the appropriate universities to Office of Admissions, UAE University, P.O. Box 17555, United Arab Emirates(use of express mail suggested).
3. Official score reports of the TOEFL, (GRE and/or GMAT) should be sent to: Office of Admissions, UAE University, P.O. Box 17555, United Arab Emirates.
4. Two letters of recommendation should be sent to UAE University, P.O. Box 17555, Office of Admissions, United Arab Emirates.
5. Selected candidates may be invited to UAEU for an interview. Some candidates may be interviewed via a video conferencing system.
6. Applicants are urged to contact the college and/or the department in which they would like to study and discuss their application.

Applicants are encouraged to contact the following individuals for further information about specific areas:
• College of Business and Economics
Professor David Graf, Dean
• College of Education
Dr. Abdulla Al-Za’abi Assistant Dean for Research and Graduate Studies
• College of Engineering
Dr. Ali Almarzouqi, Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies
• College of Law
Dr. Shadi Murtada
• College Humanities and Social Sciences
Dr. Ateeq Jakka, Assistant Dean for Research
• College of Science
Dr. Abdulmajeed Saif M. Al-Khajah, Assistant Dean for Research
• College of Food and Agriculture
Professor Ghaleb Hadrami, Dean
• College of Information Technology
Dr. Boumediene Belkhouche, Associate Dean
• College of Medicine
Prof. Mohamed Yousef Hasan, Vice Dean

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