Tuesday, October 27, 2009

20 PhD Studentships at Institute of Cancer Research, UK

Applications are invited for PhD studentships beginning October 2010. For more information, visit our How to Apply page.

The deadline for applications is Tuesday 1st December 2009. Available studentships are listed below. Any enquiries should be directed to registry@icr.ac.uk. To see projects suitable for applicants with backgrounds in the relevant subject areas click on the tiles below.

Biological Sciences
Maths, Statistics & Epidemiology
Physics & Engineering
Computer Sciences


Studentships funded by The Institute of Cancer Research will be supported for four years. The non-taxable stipend, for 2010/11 is £19,300 (inner London - Chester Beatty Laboratories, Fulham Road) or £18,000 (outer London - Sutton Campus). Higher stipends are available for students on the Wellcome Trust PhD Programme in Mechanism-based Drug Discovery.

Find below a complete list of Institute studentships:

Intermediate phenotypes and mapping causal variants; IGFBP-2, IGFBP-5 and breast cancer risk
Professor Alan Ashworth

The development of viral vectors for use in Gene-directed enzyme prodrug therapy (GDEPT)
Professor Caroline Springer

Structural and chemical biology in the design of selective kinase inhibitors
Professor Julian Blagg and Dr Richard Bayliss

Identification and characterisation of novel therapeutic targets in breast cancer metastasis
Professor Clare Isake

Prostate MR Spectroscopy in vivo
Dr Geoffrey Payne and Professor Nandita DeSouza

Synthesis of targeted fragment libraries by iterative scaffold elaboration
Professor Julian Blagg

Development of specific RNase inhibitors for the treatment of haematological cancers
Drs Faith Davies and Ian Collins

Ubiquitin-mediated signalling in apoptosis and cancer
Professor Pascal Meier

Impact of p53 function on metabolic activation of environmental carcinogens
Professor David Phillips

A systems genetics analysis of Rho-family GTPase signalling
Dr Chris Bakal

A mechanism based classification of human prostate cancer
Professor Colin Cooper

Quantification of pre-clinical PET and SPECT imaging
Dr Glenn Flux

Inheritance and brain tumour risk
Professor Richard Houlston

Inheritance and leukaemia risk
Professor Richard Houlston

Pre-clinical evaluation of imaging biomarkers of neuroblastoma
Drs Louis Chesler and Simon Robinson

Determining modifiers of cdk inhibitor sensitivity
Professors Sibylle Mittnacht and Paul Workman

Exploring the mechanism of CCT using small molecule inhibitors
Professors Keith Jones and Keith Willison

Non-invasive molecular profiling of breast cancer with optoacoustic imaging
Dr Jeff Bamber, Professor Nandita deSouza and Dr Simon Robinson

Investigating the relationship between PI3K/AKT signalling and cell cycle checkpoints for cancer drug development
Dr Michelle Garrett

Identification and validation of target genes in cancer using the synthetic lethality approach
Dr Spiros Linardopoulos



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