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15 Doctoral positions at ITN LCG Project (Scholarship from Europe)

15 Doctoral positions at ITN LCG Project

15 Doctoral and 3 Postdoctoral positions at 10 Universities in 7 European countries

The Marie Curie Initial Training Network on Language, Cognition, and Gender (ITN LCG)funded by the European Commission is filling 15 Doctoral and 3 Postdoctoral positions at 10 Universities in 7 European countries (from October 2009 on until all positions are filled). ITN LCG aims at investigating the interplay of language, cognition, and gender, for the first time from cross-language and cross-cultural perspectives.

The ITN LCG research programme is organised in four work packages (WP):
- How does language shape the cognitive representations of gender (WP A);
- How do features of European languages correspond with gender equality in European societies (WP B);
- How does language contribute to social behaviour towards the sexes (WP C);
- How can gender equality be promoted through strategies for gender-fair language use (WP D).

Young fellows’ individual projects will be integrated into one comprehensive research and training network. They will be offered an innovative training in a unique combination of scientific methods that span from neuroimaging and electrophysiology over experimental techniques of cognitive and social psychology to linguistic methods of language analysis and scientific training strategies. The network is strongly based on the exchange and transfer of
knowledge between academia and public and private organisations and will provide its fellows with network-wide training activities (4 workshops, 3 summer schools, 1 scientific symposium) and training-in-collaborations (working visits and secondments). For detailed information (e.g. about the individual research projects) please contact the project manager Dr. Rachel Jossen (

The young fellows will enjoy full salary employment contracts with all social securities(assurances). PhD students will get a 3 years contract, Postdocs a 2 years contract. Moreover, different surcharges as, e.g., mobility allowance, travel allowance and career exploratory allowance will be paid. The contracts can start after October 1, 2009, at the earliest convenience of the chosen candidates, once the work permit has been obtained.

web site for additional job details

The candidates’ dossier should be send as an electronic file to the Manager of ITN LCG, Dr. Rachel Jossen, at the University of Bern ( The application dossiers will be forwarded to the partner/s in charge of the respective individual research projects. Review of applications begins immediately and will continue until the positions are filled.


Application Deadline

How To Apply

Required Education Level
The eligibility conditions for recruitment are the following: Candidates can be nationals of any country other than the country of the host university where they will carry out their project. Candidates must not have resided or carried out their main activity (work, studies, etc) in the country of their host university for more than 12 months in the 3 years immediately prior to their recruitment (transmobility requirement). For PhD positions, students should have a diploma, which gives them the right to inscribe for PhD studies. They have to be in the first five years (or full-time equivalent) of their careers in research. For Postdoctoral positions, applicants have a PhD or at least 4 years of research experience. In all cases eligibility will be determined at the time of recruitment.

Further Requirements

We are looking for highly motivated candidates with a strong background in Social Sciences, Linguistics, Psychology, or Neuroscience, an excellent command of English and a high motivation to learn the language studied at the employing institution. We expect a strong interest for and motivation to work on the interplay of language, cognition, and gender, the willingness to invest in interdisciplinary collaboration, and the ability to work in teams.

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